About Us

We are a female owned and operated phone sex company that has been in business for over 20yrs. We believe in not only providing top quality phone sex to our clients but to also provide a friendly, comfortable, no drama working environment for our phone mates.

We have established clientele that have been calling us for many years. Our company dispatches calls discussing everything from taboo conversation to vanilla phone sex, to therapy type calls. We strive to be one of the best companies out there and take great pride in keeping our staff and clients satisfied and happy.

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I have been working with company for over 11yrs now and I absolutely love it! I get to do something that I enjoy from home and get paid every two weeks for it. It took some time to build up my clientele but once I did I was very happy with the outcome. I do appreciate that I work for a dispatch company so I don't have to put in hundreds of hours trolling for clients.

Testimonial from one of our phone sex operators.