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Your role as a phone sex operator / chat line operator

can be described as an actress, chat operator, and even a companion

To obtain a phone sex job with us, you must:

  • Be 18+. People of various ages work for us including a mature age group of 50+
  • Be a resident of United States and have valid photo ID that you will be able to email a copy of.
  • Be able to install Skype on your computer or cell phone (chat-not visual application only used for dispatch communication only).
  • You must have a private phone line that does not contain an unknown number/slash privacy call block feature on it.
  • Have your own PC with internet access and a private place to work.
  • Be computer literate at least on a basic level, such as copy/paste, instant messaging, and typing in English.
  • Have an open mind and be creative when it comes to discussing subject matter with clients.
  • Be ok with fetish and out of the ordinary calls.
  • Your availability must be minimum 12 hours per week from the comfort of your own quiet home.

The role of a chat line operator is to provide the caller with confidentiality when discussing his or her fantasies. The caller’s fantasy may be one that he or she has never told anyone about so it is of upmost importance that the caller is made to feel very comfortable and at no time is being judged.

Your role can also be described as an actress, chat operator, phone sex operator and even in the callers eyes sometimes a companion. There are many lonely people out there that become quickly attached to you especially because you are learning about their deepest darkest secrets.

You must have good listening skills and be able to understand your caller’s needs, you must also be open minded in sexual matters and be willing to converse with callers on a variety of sexual topics.

Customer service skills are the most important tool in a Phone sex Operator’s job. A Phone Sex Operator who treats their callers like the most important person in the world will be successful and her repeat caller list will quickly expand. In translation these repeat callers are important since you are paid per call rather than by the hour.

A phone sex operator is to provide for the sexual needs of their callers and not the personal needs of themselves. A phone sex operator is understanding, nonjudgmental and eager to serve the caller’s needs. You need to be Friendly, Self-confident and outgoing, have creativity and an active imagination and great acting skills. One thing that we also emphasize is that we are not necessarily concerned about your hold time we are concerned that the caller is happy. You will have some clients that may be done in 10 minutes while others may want to talk for hours. If you try and make a quick caller talk for a long time he or she may get frustrated and simply never call you back. The more experience you have the easier it is to pick up on cues when your caller is satisfied and happy. Also, always remember to remind your caller what your name is. This is very important since when the caller specifically asks for you by name it is considered a request and you will be paid more money for the call.

Thanks again for your interest and we hope to be able to welcome you aboard and that you have a happy, long lasting as well as profitable relationship with us.

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