Thank You for your interest in our company. If you are interested in becoming a phone sex operator please fill out the application below and press submit. Your personal information is kept 100% confidential. In order to consider the application all fields must be completed.

Important Phone Mate Information


"We believe that in order for our business to thrive all staff must be happy working for us. We are an established company and have been in business for over 15 years. We provide great flexibility for all PSO's working for us"

Before you can take your first call you need to scan and email to us 1 CLEAR piece of current Government Issued photo Identification that proves that you are over 18 Years of age. The name on the id is the name we will write your check to. This is best done done during the application process.

Things you need to know if you would like to become a PSO for our company:

1) You must have a quiet area to work out of.

2) You do not have to work a set schedule of more than 12 hours, but we do require you to work a minimum of 12 hours a week. You can sign off and on as much as you like besides your 12 hour schedule however when you sign on please be prepared to sign on for a minimum of 2 hours at a time. If you just sign on for 20min at a time it is just a waste of everyone's time. We do allow you to work for more than one company at the same time.

When you have a set schedule it allows our customers to know when you are available which will increase the amount of requests you get which means you make more money. If you do not log in for a total of 12 hours a week and do you set 12 hour schedule you will automatically be removed from the system.

3) We do not allow personal exchange of information. We do monitor our calls from time to time to make sure this rule is enforced. If this rule is broken you will be immediately terminated.

4) You can work from anywhere in Canada or the USA

5) We hire creative phone mates who have a great imagination. The client is not obligated to talk much at all but most do. It is your job to create very detailed descriptive calls and let the caller decide how much he would like to participate in the fantasy. If you are not a quick thinker or have a hard time telling a creative story off the top of your head this is probably not the best industry for you. If you are an open minded individual who understands that this job is about fantasy and not reality then you have come to the right place. A client may ask have you ever....... Whatever the question may be your job is to say yes and make up a story about it even though it is completely false. Can you refuse a call? Yes you can - however we are a fetish company, so if you only want to talk about straight vanilla sex, you will not get that here. You must be comfortable with topics that include domination, crossdressing, mommy calls, ETC

6) You do not need to achieve a specific hold time. There will be callers who love to talk and those who don’t. We just want our customer to be satisfied.

7) We are a dispatch company, however we do allow you to promote yourself.

8) Clients do not call your home directly. We call you and put you through to the client.

9) We do not call you when you do not want to be called.

10) In order to get paid you must keep a log of your calls which includes the gentleman’s first name, character you played, duration of the call and the date. This will be your invoice and you will need to submit this information every 2nd Wed by email to: only submit this invoice if your pay is $50 or over. All logs are cross referenced with our internal logs.

11) We are a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation. We have had unexpected emergencies and once in a blue moon have to temporarily close. If this ever happens, it will be noted in the Skype status bar and a message will be left on the voicemail. This does NOT occur often.

12) We hire phone mates 18+ but we do have phone mates who work for us that are in their 70's.

13) You sign on and off using Skype. At the top of your status bar you will type “available” “not available with the time that you think you will be returning set in est. time” etc If our Skype messenger is offline you can sign on and off by calling (emergency only) 1-800-485-9561. If you don’t get a live dispatcher, you can leave a message on the voice mail saying it’s (your phone mate name) I am calling to sign on or off.

Rate of Pay

Booked Blocks of calls

10min – $3 -Request-$6
15min -$5 Request-$8
30min – $9 Request $13
0.50 cents per min for btm bookings.

If you are not on the call for the total duration of the call you are still paid the set amount.

A note from the owner

Please read the following for information regarding the Phone Mate position. If you are still interested in this position after reading through this page, please have Skype downloaded and we will try to call you on a time based on your calling availability and your phone number which you had already specified .

During this phone call interview we will do a 3 minute mock vanilla call where you will play an all-natural (hairy) female character, so please be prepared for that. We currently use Skype for communication, so if you are chosen for an interview you will need to have your computer in front of you with Skype downloaded. You must also know how to use Skype.

To prepare for the call, please visit and familiarize yourself with one of our main web sites and make sure you understand each of the fetishes listed on the left hand side of the main page. To get into the main site, scroll down and click the "I am over 18 years old" link. Please make sure you completely understand the cuckold fetish and that you understand what a she-male and transsexual is.

Thank you very much.


What To Expect When Working for a PSO company.

So I think the most important thing is to be realistic when it comes to your expectations. In this business you tend to get back what you put in. If you don't take time to learn the different fetishes and become great at them, then you won't be able to expect a decent pay check. When you first begin in this industry it takes time to build up your regulars so things tend to be a bit quieter at first. However if you are good on the phone, you can have a roster of regular clients build up in no time. Regular clients = requests = regular income.

This is NOT an industry where you can just put your feet up and not do anything and expect to make a decent income.

The more you are available and log on the quicker you will have a regular client list built up for yourself.

Is there anything I can do to Increase My Call Volume?

Once you have been working for us at least a week you will be assigned a couple of characters that you will need to do blogs and shouts for. You will be provided with full instructions as well as training if needed. When you blog and shout it definitely helps you to acquire and retain customers. Please note: It is essential that you have a great grasp of the English language when it comes to blogging and shouting. This includes grammar and being able to write a brief story (about two paragraphs) between 80 and 250 words which includes lots of description. The more detail you provide your customer with, the greater the chance they will want to contact you. But, you must also realize that a shout is a short cum on and a blog is a teaser you don't (1) want to give it all away or they have no reason to call. This is a mandatory , part (2) of your job your shouts must be done each day as you log on available for calls and your blogs must be done twice a week for each character that is assigned to you.

What Characters Will I Play?

We really try to match the character you play according to how flexible your voice is. If you don't sound 18 you will not be playing an 18yr old looking character. There is a demand for a large variety of age ages and that does include mature sounding voices.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid every other Wednesday by check. You will need to make sure we have your correct name and mailing address. You will be required to email your pay log to on the Wednesday you get paid before 3:00 pm est. so we can make sure everything is correct. Your pay log is to confirm the amount of pay being sent to you. Your pay log must include client's first name, first two initials of the last name, the character you played, date of the call and the duration of the call. Please include if the call is a request. Once we confirm the total amount of your pay we will mail you a check. If you prefer, you can wait for your 2nd pay period and have the total sum sent to you through a direct deposit payment platform. In order for your payment to go out you must have a payment of $50 or over due to you.

Timing Calls

You do have to keep track of your calls up to the exact minute. If you get an up-to-10 minute call with the option to go longer, you must ask the client when approaching the 10 minutes if he would like to continue. If we tell you it’s an open call, this means you can talk for however long the client would like.

Test Call

You will be required to do a quick test call. When given the calls fetish type, make sure that you focus the call around that fetish.

Is There a Probationary Period

Yes. For the first month of working with us you are considered to be on "probation"

By the end of the first month we will then tell you if we would like to keep you on our team. Since we only have so many positions available, we want to make sure that we give the best people the job of those positions. Things we consider during the probationary period are how often the pso is signing on, if they doing their blogs and shouts, are they answering their phone when calls come in, are they doing their best to learn about the different fetishes, are they creative, how does one take constructive criticism and how they get along with others etc.

In Closing

If you are someone that is in this for the long haul and are serious about doing pso work we would absolutely love to have you on our team. We treat our pso's with respect and always welcome new talent. If you do not have experience do not feel discouraged. Many of our top pso's started with us having little to no experience. The key to this business is being patient and not giving up because you may have had a couple of quiet shifts. Give it your all and I am sure you will be very happy with your decision to join our team 🙂

If you are interested, please have Skype downloaded and have your photo ID ready to be emailed if you did not provide it with this application. You can send your photo ID to and our hiring department will contact you.

Please be prepared for your call with Amber by familiarizing yourself with our main web site and make sure you understand each of the fetishes listed on the left hand side of the main page (to get into the actual site you may need to scroll down a bit and click on over 18 years old.)


By continuing your application, you are acknowledging that you have read all of the information provided above and that you fully understand and agree to follow rules listed in the information above.