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To obtain a phone sex job with us, you must:

  • Be 18+. People of various ages work for us including a mature age group of 50+
  • Be a resident of United States and have valid photo ID that you will be able to email a copy of.
  • Be able to install Skype on your computer or cell phone (chat-not visual application only used for dispatch communication only).
  • You must have a private phone line that does not contain an unknown number/slash privacy call block feature on it.
  • Have your own PC with internet access and a private place to work.
  • Be computer literate at least on a basic level, such as copy/paste, instant messaging, and typing in English.
  • Have an open mind and be creative when it comes to discussing subject matter with clients.
  • Be ok with fetish and out of the ordinary calls.
  • Your availability must be minimum 12 hours per week from the comfort of your own quiet home.

We hire people from all walks of life, all genders, and ethnicities!

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