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A person seeking a pso position should possess certain qualities.  These qualities include being a good listener, having a friendly non-judgmental type of personality and having a great grasp of the English language.  You should also be creative in the sense that you can easily put together a story based around a certain fetish that is being requested.   You should always remember that the client is paying you for their fantasy not necessarily for your personal opinion.  You may receive some calls where you have to do all of the talking and others that may require you to be more of a listener.  You must be outgoing as well as confident when it comes to leading the conversation otherwise this type of work will not be suited for you.

Since you will be working for a dispatch company you will always know what the caller is looking for before you begin each call. Now Hiring! Apply Now and Start Today!

  • Be 18 years of age or older. We have a high demand for mature women as well.
  • Must have valid Government issued photo ID that you will be able to email a copy of.
  • Be able to install Skype (used for company communication)
  • You must have a private phone line or cell phone with no private call block on it.
  • Have your own pc with internet access and a private place to work.
  • Be computer literate at least on a basic level, such as copy/paste, instant messaging, and typing in English.
  • Be open-minded and creative when it comes to discussing subject matter with clients. We get lots of fetish calls so again you must be open-minded. Your availability must be minimum 12 hours per week from the comfort of your own quiet home.

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