You Can Now Make Money Working From The Comfort Of Your Very Own Home!

You have read correctly. You can take calls while working in the comfort of your very own bedroom or office. As long as you have a computer and a land line without the call block feature on it you can receive calls. You can also take calls on your cell phone as long as you have a clear connection.

Your privacy will never be compromised because we connect the caller through our phone system which in turn connects directly to your home. So again your personal name or phone number is never released to the client.

There are also no set up fees to begin working with us.

To Apply
To apply for a chat-line position, please click on the grey blurb above and fill out the application form. Get A Phone Sex Job Now Hiring! Apply Now and Start Today!
I have been working with company for over 11yrs now and I absolutely love it! I get to do something that I enjoy from home and get paid every two weeks for it. It took some time to build up my clientele but once I did I was very happy with the outcome. I do appreciate that I work for a dispatch company so I don't have to put in hundreds of hours trolling for clients.

Testimonial from one of our phone sex operators.